Category: Hand Tools

Everyone needs a good set of hand tools. Most people have the basics like a screwdriver, needle nose pliers, hand saw, and other common hand tools. But, there are many more different hand tools than just these, there are actually so many different hand tools that we’ve decided to create an entire category dedicated to reviewing them. Hand tools are operated (as the name suggests) by your own hand, rather than an outside power source (usually) so you don’t need to be a professional or a builder to own a good set of hand tools. They’re a necessity in every household, so pick wisely!

Best Needle Nose Pliers [Complete Buyer’s Guide]

Needle nose pliers are a type of pliers often used to cut or hold onto electrical wiring. You may have also heard of these referred to as long nose pliers depending on where you live. If you’re an electrician, trademan of any kind, or you’re just into hobby electronics then undoubtedly you’ve heard of or […]

Best Bench Vise – Buyer’s Guide

Whatever it is you do in your workshop, chances are you will need a bench vise. Having the best bench vise is quite likely absolutely crucial to getting your work done efficiently. We aim to help make your buying decision easier if you’re on the market for one. So you’re in the right place if […]

Best Hand Saw – top picks in 2019

We’ve created this guide to help you get the best hand saw for your needs, and your budget. Read on to go over all the details you must consider before you buy. The best hand saw will be durable and last a long time while still keeping its teeth sharp. It will also be made […]

Drill Press Vise – Buyer’s Guide

Drill press vises are used to secure the work piece so that it stays firmly in place while you’re drilling. So as you can imagine there’s a large variety of applications for a good drill press vise. Some vises use miter gauge slots to stay in place and some others clamp to the table. The […]