Drill Press Safety Guide

Safety tips & precautions

drill press with safety information

The drill press has a massive user base these days for all sorts of jobs. As usual with operating any machinery there are some operating risks. Thus, the operator must comply with a set of precautionary measures to ensure safety. The paragraphs below shall discuss a few key points in this regard.


You should know the machine inside and out

The first and foremost suggestion is that you start using the machine only after you are fully aware of its functionality. Go through the user manual in details and don’t hesitate to speak to the manufacturer if you are unsure or need clarification about anything.


Pick the right drill bit for the job

Depending on the surface that you will use it on, you should pick the relevant type of drill. For instance, when working on glass surfaces, you should choose your machine accordingly.


Always put on safety gear before using

To ensure your safety, and protect your eyesight and hearing you should always wear adequate safety gear, including safety glasses or a face shield etc.


Remove the Chuck key while operating

Remember, you should always remove the chuck key while operating. It’s useful to have the self-ejecting keys that will automatically eject, the moment you power the machine up.


Following the tips suggested above will not only ensure your safety but, will enable you to make optimal use of the machine, preventing downtime and wear and tear. It is important that you comply with the safety measures stated in the user manual.


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