Uses of a drill press

Uses of a drill press


There are literally hundreds of ways in which you can use a drill press for your projects. Covering all of the multitude of tasks that could be completed using this versatile tool would take forever. The benefits of using a DP over a regular drill for your projects are numerous, because of the design of it you can operate with a much greater level of precision.

And because of the depth stop functionality you can control the depth you want to drill to a much more precise degree than you could with any other tool. As well as this, for repeated drilling operations you will find it to be much more efficient.

So if you want to make precise and accurate holes efficiently then it’s absolutely the right tool for the job.
However aside from drilling holes you could also use it as a drum sander etc.

When buying a DP you are in fact purchasing many tools in one package as it is a very multi-purpose machine and some people even choose to rig them up to operate as a jig saw.

Before getting creative with how you use it, make sure to familiarize yourself with all of its basic functionality first, so you can avoid injury or damaging the machine. As well as this it is also vitally important that you maintain and look after your machine so you can use it in many different ways for loads of different jobs, for years to come!


I found this interesting video where a drill press is used as a drum sander:


Floor drill press, bench top, or mini/small?

Which size and model you chose will depend on the sort of work you’re going to be using it for. For the everyday DIY guy you’ll probably cover most of your bases with just a bench drill, with a medium size. However, for working in specialized areas like making jewelry/arts & craft you’ll probably be looking for a small/mini drill press to make tiny and precision holes. A lot of jewelers actually rely on these tools daily for a huge amount of their work.





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