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 Best value mini drill press
DRL-300.00 (EuroTool)The DRL-300.00 (EuroTool) model is our top pick in this category

Depending on your needs, a small/mini drill press may be the best bet for you. especially if you intend to work with small objects like circuitry or jewellery etc.
A notable advantage of a mini drill press is that it’s very compact and highly portable, due to the fact that the drilling surface/table is the same part of the machine as the supportive base area. For bigger jobs a mini DP isn’t suitable but it has considerable design features worth noting for their various uses


Main positive of the Mini Drill Press:

– Portable
Because of this machines compact design you could actually use it anywhere from your kitchen to your office. Lugging it around isn’t difficult at all, so moving it from place to place or traveling with it is completely manageable.

Main negative:

-Limited drilling ability for large objects
Obviously the compact size means that there will be much more limitations on how big of an object you can drill into. So if you go for the mini DP option make sure that it fits the scope of your project.


So here are the top 3 picks:


TruePower 01-0822

Throat Capacity: 4″
Total weight: 12.1 pounds
Max Chuck Capacity: 6mm

Drilling with this machine offers you a very high degree of precision and accuracy. It’s priced affordably, yet is built to high quality standards and should be a powerhouse for years to come.
The work table is a solid high quality cast iron design. This product has a throat capacity of 4 inches, and allows drill bits from 0.79 to 6mm, and only weighs a meager 12.1 lbs.
Although TruePower is currently a relatively unknown brand in my opinion its products rival the quality of much more well known brands, and they certainly beat them for price!
Consumer reviews are in agreement that this is a decent option.

DRL-300.00 (EuroTool)

Throat Capacity: 4″
Total weight: 12.2 pounds
Max Chuck Capacity: 7.06mm

The DRL is a versatile high quality drill that’s ideal for the hobbyist or DIYer wanting a DP that is very compact. The DRL-300.00 weighs in at only 12.2 lbs and should be suitable for just about any space you’d like to work in. As far as consumer reviews go it is thought that this offers you the most durability in the range and decent bang for your buck.
EuroTool is a well-known and reputable manufacturer with a great reputation in the DIY community so you can trust this products quality.
Worth noting is that this DP has variable speed settings up to 8,500 RPM.
Overall I think this a great choice for a mini drill press.

SE 97511MDP

Throat Capacity: 4″
Total weight: 12.3 pounds
Max. Chuck Capacity: 6mm

This model goes above and beyond what most people expect of a mini DP for this price.
It’s built robustly, using highly quality materials and is nice and smooth to operate. Great for Jewelers or arts and craft in general this is a favorite among hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts alike.
It has a 4 inch throat capacity, and It has a compact size and weight of about 12.3lb, so its as portable as any mini dp.
What reviewers love about this is that it’s so easy to pick up and use all the features right away without being an expert.
Overall this machine is a fantastic affordable workhorse, and a great choice.

What factors should I consider before purchasing?

-How often will it be used/ does it need to be a very durable model?

-Will the DP be powerful/large enough for my project scope?

-Will it be used for amateur level DIY or serious use?

-Does the chuck hold big enough drills for the holes you want to drill?


The Verdict

A mini drill press is a great versatile tool that will fit just about anywhere.
It is suitable for work on smaller objects, and for hobbies/projects like jewellery etc. But if you want to work on larger projects you might need something bigger and more powerful, if you decide to go for a mini DP though then you’ll be very impressed by how portable they are. (check out the details to see which type of DP will suit you).

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