Drill Press Vise reviews

Drill Press Vise – Buying Guide & Reviews

Drill press vises are used to secure the work piece so that it stays firmly in place while drilling. So as you can imagine there’s a large variety of applications of this tool for your projects. Some vises use miter gauge slots to stay in place and some others clamp to the table.

There’s a big range of choices when it comes to choosing one, and not all have the same features or quality. So to help you decide which one is for you we have compiled some reviews of the products that we think are the most suitable options on the market in terms of quality and price.

First of all, the top pick in our opinion:

IRWIN Drill Press Vise 4 inch

The IRWIN 4″ has a durable high quality build made of forged iron, though it is still reasonably lightweight and portable. It features textured 4 inch jaws with an impressive 1000lbs clamping pressure to grip whatever you’re working on securely. The jaw capacity measures 4.5 inches so it is enough for almost all projects, however there are larger (and smaller) options if this size doesn’t suit your personal needs. In order to clamp this vise to your work table you can use bolts as it has slots to accommodate them, using a C-clamp is also another popular option. Some users of this product complain that it has sharp edges and burrs. However the general sentiment toward this product is positive. In my opinion for the price and quality you shouldn’t overlook this option.



This vise from Eurotool is ideal for using with smaller or delicate projects like jewelry etc. It would compliment a mini drill press like the Eurotool DRL-300 very well. We have included this product at number 2 in the list because for this specific use there aren’t many options as suitable as the VIS-265.00 model. Like the previous model it can be bolted to the table and comes with the necessary hardware to do so. It has a quick release function which allows very easy and quick opening and closing of the jaws. The maximum capacity of the jaws is only 2.75″ so again, best for small sized projects.


Performance Tool W3902 Hammer Tough 4″

This option is well priced and built with a high quality standard. it is precise, which is important so that the base can sit flat on the table preventing wobble. The jaw faces are made of hardened steel for durability and it has a powder coat finish and chrome plated handle for longevity. It is specially designed for applications such as drilling, tapping, milling, and grinding etc.
It weighs 7.2 lbs which isn’t exactly light, however this weight is to be expected with a solid durable built device such as this.
Overall this product is another great option.


Because a drill press vise can make your work much more precise if you’re undertaking an important project it’s certainly a huge benefit to have one of these in your arsenal. Shop around and take a look at what’s out there because you may need one with certain specifications depending on what type of work you plan to be doing. As with any tool there’s a wide spectrum of different quality products available, after reading this guide we sincerely hope that you are equipped with the knowledge to chose a great drill press vice that will serve you well in your DIY endeavors. In my personal experience I have found the Irwin to be particularly reliable and as well built as any vice.


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