Build a Wooden Shoe Rack

How to Build a Wooden Shoe Rack


Picture of a shoe rack being built

You can build a two-tiered shoe rack from 2×4 lumber for an inexpensive solution to closet organization. No more hunting for scattered shoes thrown on the floor. This simple wooden shoe rack allows you to stack your shoes for easy viewing and access. And you can easily add a third tier to this shoe rack if you need one.

What You’ll Need to Build Your Wooden Shoe Rack:

– 4 2×4 lumber at the width of your closet

– 2 2×4 lumber at the depth of your closet

– Nails

– Hammer

– Pads (to protect wooden floors)

Follow These Steps to Build Your Shoe Rack

Step #1:

Place one long 2×4 lumber section on its 2 inch side. Place one short 2×4 lumber section on its 2 inch side to form an L shape with the long piece. Hammer the lumber together. Repeat this step at the other end using the second short piece of lumber and hammer together.

Step #2:

Rest the remaining 3 long sections of umber over the bottom frame, with one section coming flush with the back of the frame. If your closet is especially deep, you may want to add more long sections to your shoe rack to keep the distances between the lumber small enough to form a good shoe rack platform. Hammer in place.

Step #3:

If intending to place your shoe rack over wood floors, stick protective pads at four corners on the bottom of the shoe rack. If the pads fail to stick, sand the 2×4 lumber first to create a less porous surface.

Step #4:

Rest the first row of shoes on the floor with the heels sitting on the front of your shoe rack frame. Place the second row on the shoe rack platform.

Step #5:

To add another tier to this shoe rack, add two 2×4 lumber pieces at the back of the shoe rack on either end. Rest the lumber on its 4 inch side and hammer in place. Make sure the height of the lumber is sufficient to rise at least 3 inches above the shoe rack platform. Hammer another long 2×4 lumber section of this new tier support to form a third level on this simple wooden shoe rack.


Tip: Make finding shoes on your shoe rack even easier by illuminating the shoe rack with motion activated wireless lights.

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